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As a member of the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International, you are part of a community of nursing students, professionals and retirees who have demonstrated a commitment to nursing excellence.

1. Member Benefits
A. Lambda Beta Chapter-At-Large
According to the chapter bylaws:
Member rights
1. The right to resolve
2. The right to elect
3. The right to be the candidate
4. The right to depose
5. To participate in the activities the chapter holds
6. To get the press of the headquarters and the chapter

B. Headquarters
Chapter Activities - Experience first hand the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International through your local chapter!
Community service projects - Give back to your community through various service projects such as blood pressure screening at a local mall, participating in a chapter Alzheimer's Walk.
Continuing education - Chapters offer programming that may include continuing education units on topics ranging from research to clinical practice, or leadership development.
Networking - Interact with nurses at the local level who are mentors from whom you can learn peers you can support and young nurses you can guide.
Research grants - participate in the identification and funding of important research through service on a committee or initiate the studies yourself and apply for a research grant.
Publications - chapter publications provide a forum for information and commentary.

Educational Activities - There are many ways to increase your knowledge through society membership.
Online Case Studies for Nursing - one to two continuing education credits per course ($10 special member rate).
Meetings and Conferences- top quality offerings at the chapter, regional and international levels (reduced member fees).
Nursing Knowledge International - premiere web site for all your nursing knowledge needs - with special member discounts on all society products.

International Activities
- you may reach beyond your local community to interact with colleagues and benefit from research conferences, biennial conventions, "think tanks" and other nursing and health care-related activities.

Networking Activities - Opportunities to interact with nurse leaders from around the world: one-on-one, at society meetings, convention and research congresses.

Volunteer Connect- Governance, leadership and volunteer opportunities abound at the international, regional and chapter levels, including elective and appointive positions.
Awards and Recognition - The society recognizes individuals and organizations annually and biennially for excellence in clinical practice, research, professional standards, education, creativity and leadership.
Opportunities to be published - There are many opportunities to submit your work for publication - the Journal of Nursing Scholarship, book manuscripts, the online case studies for nursing.
Support the Mission -through well-managed endowment funds that will secure the future of nursing. Contributions may be made via: cash gifts, pledges, honoraria, royalties, securities, life insurance or planned gifts.


Journal of Nursing Scholarship*- foremost peer-reviewed nursing research journal with clinical applications (quarterly: $39 value).
Reflections on Nursing Leadership* - award-winning newsmagazine featuring inspiring stories on nurses at the forefront of change (quarterly: $23 value).
Worldviews in Evidence Based Nursing - member discount for peer-reviewed evidence-based nursing journal and information resource written especially for clinicians, educators, researchers, nurse leaders and policymakers.
Books - member discount on all books published by Sigma Theta Tau International.
*Free to active members.

Research Tools

Virginia Henderson International Nursing Library* - immediate access to nursing research from more than 14,000 studies by 11,000 nurse researchers. .
My Info Search - weekly e-bulletin featuring newly published nursing books and articles via Online Book Review* and Literature Review for Nursing ($49.95 special member rate).
Directory of Nurse Experts* - names and contact information for distinguished nurse lecturers, writers and health care experts.
Research Grants - funding is available to both novice and experienced nurse researchers. Members receive priority when applying for research funds through the Small Grants Program and co-sponsored Grants Program.
Research Presentation Opportunities - An up-to-date list of organizations which provide an opportunity to present research.
*Free to active members.

2. How to become a member
Membership Criteria
1. Registered nurses (RN) with master degree
2. RN with a Baccalaureate degree and with a minimum one of:
* Lecture credential of Ministry of Education
* Assistant head nurse level
* N4 level, senior and superior professional nurse
* Doctoral degree students or 2nd degree of master's

Application Form
1.Membership Application Form
2. Membership Transfer forms
a. Sent to the Chapter
b. Sent to the Headquarters
3.Dual Membership Request Form

Frequently Asked Questions
If I move, can I join another chapter closer to where I now live?
Yes, you can either transfer your membership to another chapter or you can join the additional chapter and hold dual membership. Dual members maintain membership in their initiating chapter by continuing to pay chapter dues and they pay the chapter dues of second or even additional chapters. For more information about holding dual membership or transferring your membership to another chapter, select MEMBERSHIP TRANSFER or DUAL MEMBERSHIP and you will be linked to additional information. There is a $5 administrative fee to process any request for transferring membership to another chapter or adding additional chapters as a dual member.

How do I become a dual member with another chapter?
Dual members maintain membership in their initiating chapter by continuing to pay chapter dues and paying the chapter dues of second or even additional chapters. Dual members will only pay one international membership fee of US $55. For more information about holding dual membership, select DUAL MEMBERSHIP and you will be linked to additional information. There is a $5 administrative fee to process a dual membership request.

Nursing Building Room 610A, School of Nursing, National
Yang-Ming University
No. 155, Sec. 2, Linong Street, Beitou District, Taipei City 112-21, Taiwan (R.O.C.)