About Lambda Beta Chapter-At-Large
In 1985, Dr. Chou-Woan Liu, the committee member of STTI appealed to establish a chapter in ROC. Then School of Nursing, National Taiwan University invited School of Nursing, National Defense Medical College and other nurses to participate. In 1987, the STTI Member Meeting chartered us as the "Lambda Beta-At-Large Chapter" in ROC. We registered with Ministry of Interior and formally found in 1988.

About Lambda Beta Chapter-At-Large


1. To handle with the affairs the president devolves
2. To coordinate holding meetings of the Boards of Directors and Controllers, and mailing the meeting record
3. To take the responsibility for connecting with the Ministry of Interior
4. To take the responsibility for connecting with the headquarters
5. To assist committees to handle with the administration affairs
6. Mailing members the related material (newsletter) and promoting membership renewal
7. To take care of and manage the property of chapter

<Program Committee>

1. To encourage and promote members to engage in professional nursing activities
2. To administer and hold local and international scholarship lectures and exchanges relative to nursing
3. To hold professional nursing conferences, to promote the development of scholarship, study and clinic
4. To arrange the monograph declaration of new doctors
5. To hold scholarship lectures

<Membership involvement Committee>
1. To recruit new members
2. To review the handbook of annual member meeting
3. To establish the networks in north, east and south areas; to communicate with the members
4. To compile member list
<Finance Committee>
1. To declare the juridical associate's income to National Tax Administration of Taipei, ROC
2. To compile the budget of each committee, then submit the budget and last year's financial report to the Ministry of Interior
3. To submit annual financial report to the headquarters
4. To submit the Jan-Jun statement of revenue and expense to the Board of Controllers
5. To administer the account of the member meeting and induction ceremony
6. To administer the account of the nursing conference
7. To take the responsibility for the chapter's financial and accounting work
8. To afford consulting service about finance for each committee and member
9. To finish account books, including the statement of funds, debt, cash, revenue, expenses and assets
10.To prepare annual budget and work plan of the committee

<Publicity Committee>

1. To take the responsibility for the issuing of chapter's newsletter every six month
2. To promote local and international exchanges of nursing scholarship, including the information of scholarship activities for all nursing groups or individuals
3. To supply the channel for the communication with members, ardent committee members providing the honor messages in schools, hospitals and nursing domain.

Nursing Building Room 610A, School of Nursing, National
Yang-Ming University
No. 155, Sec. 2, Linong Street, Beitou District, Taipei City 112-21, Taiwan (R.O.C.)